CNC machining has continued to change the manufacturing world with the technological advantages it gives its users. CNC machinists can undertake complex tasks at greater speed and precision with the help of CNC machines. Their automating quality gives manufacturers an edge over the competition and boosts potential earnings by reducing waste while increasing production.

What does CNC mean?

CNC machines, known as Computer Numerically Controlled machines, are electromechanical devices that can manipulate tools around a varying number of axes with high precision from the instruction of a computer program. CNC machining is how engineers, machinists, or makers generate physical parts from a computer design. For example, machinists can use a CNC machine to carve out a crest or logo design from a metal surface.

Like other manufacturing equipment, CNC machining has certain procedures that users must follow for maximum output. Top to this list is safety procedures.

When operating a CNC machine, the golden rule of “safety first” should always apply. Considering the type of material you are working with and the fact that CNC machines are dangerously fast, adopting the right safety measure would go a long way in preventing accidents and other hazards at work.

The Dangers of Operating a CNC Machine

  • The machine emits smoke and dust made up of chips or metal particles harmful to the body.
  • Rotating cutters move dangerously fast and would be catastrophic if it comes in contact with your hand.
  • It is possible to slip and fall in areas close to the machine.
  • CNC machines can cause a fire.

Safety Features in CNC Machines

Below are some safety devices that come with most CNC machines.

  • Curtain Guard: Curtain guards are designed to protect a CNC machinist from injuries that may be caused by flying metal fragments or wooden chips.
  • Soundproof Casing: Soundproof casing contains noises from the CNC machine while shielding operators from airborne chips and tool fragments.
  • Guard Fence: This device forms a perimeter around the CNC machine moving parts, which keeps the machine operator safe from any danger.
  • Emergency Stop Button: The emergency stop button is useful in cases where a CNC machine needs to be immediately brought to a halt or shut down. One can find this body in different locations on the machine.
  • Contact Mats: Like an emergency stop button, the contact mat stops the machine when an operator stands on it.

Safety Measures To Observe When Operating a CNC Machine

CNC machines can be dangerous when operating without proper regard for safety measures. As a rule of thumb, you must have appropriate training on using a CNC machine before handling one.

Below are some safety measures you should implement to keep yourself and others safe while operating a CNC machine:

  • Protect your ears and eyes from flying chips or fragments by wearing safety glasses and ear protection (i.e., ear muffs).
  • Properly cover your long hair to prevent any entanglement with moving parts of the CNC machine.
  • Avoid the use of gloves that could get caught in machinery.
  • Observe extreme care when observing cutting tools at close range.
  • Wear appropriate footwear (i.e., safety boots) when operating the machine.
  • Stay away from the machine when it is operating.
  • Avoid wearing jewelry or baggy clothes near the machine.
  • Avoid touching the spindle when in operation
  • The CNC machine should be shut down when not in use.
  • Clean the machine well after using it.
  • Remove any defective/ broken equipment.
  • Ensure that you are familiar with the correct operator’s manual.
  • Observe regular maintenance of the machine.
  • In the case of machine failure, please do not use the machine until an experienced technician repairs it.

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