Amada Ventis 3015 AJ

Amada Ventis 3015 AJ

The Ventis 3015 AJ fiber laser achieves virtually dross-free cutting of a variety of materials and thicknesses including stainless steel and aluminum. Ventis utilizes Amada’s revolutionary Locus Beam Control (LBC) to achieve infinite locus patterns, ensuring optimum fiber laser beam shape control for each specific cutting application.


With several Haas CNC machining centers (including VF-2SS, VF-455, ST-30) Laserworx MFG is able to handle most of your machining requirements. The Hass High-Performance Super-Speed Vertical machining centers provide the high spindle speeds, fast rapids, and quick tool changes necessary for high-volume production and reduced cycle times.

Manual Machining

a. Brideport Vertical Mill
b. Clausing Horizontal Mill
c. Leblond Semi-Automatic Turning Center

36” TimeSaver

Dual head wet graining machine allows us to deburr or place a beautiful grain on a fresh laser-cut sheet. We can use various belt grits or even scotchbrite to achieve the desired customer requested sheet finishes.

CAD Department

The heart of our facility stems around several CAD softwares that allow us to model, program, nest, and post parts out to our machines in the most efficient way. We use Solidworks for modeling, Sigmanest for flat laser applications, Mastercam for any CNC machining, and Trumpf Trutops Proprietary Software for all laser tube cutting.

Liberty Systems Nitrogen Generation System

This system is the life blood of our laser department. We are able to produce 99.9% pure N2 with the flip of a switch! This nitrogen creation feeds both our laser systems all day every day without any down time. For years we relied on gas supply companies to bring liquid N2 which has become expensive and leaves us at the mercy of vendors for N2 availability, pricing, & quality. Recently, we invested in a state-of-the-art nitrogen generation system which allows us to run endlessly. This ensures pure N2 for every cut without downtime and creates time & cost savings that are directly transferred to our customers.


With our two high-performance CNC press brakes, Laserworx is confident we can meet any of your metal forming needs.

CNC Tube Notching

Incorporating our very own custom-built CNC Tube Notching Machine, we can make nearly any tubing profile from .75” to 15” round tube.

Material Cutting & Shearing

a. We cut all our raw stock with a DoAll horizontal and vertical band saw along with Doringer cold-cutting saws.
b. We have a National 6” hydraulic shear that allows us to shear up to a ¼” plate.


We have multiple Burr King sanders of different configurations. These sanders help us deburr parts, put a specific finish on parts, and are key to our quick hand fabrication.

Sweco Tumbler

a. This machine uses ceramic pellets with a liquid wash, tumbling parts all day which applies a smooth, consistent finish.
b. We can tumble hundreds of parts at a time.

Welding Fixture Tables

We have multiple welding fixture tables ranging from 36”x96” up to 96”x”192” at over 2” thick. We use these fixture tables for small and large part assembly & construction. These custom-built tables provide a solid platform for high-precision & accuracy during the build process.

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